Family Handbook & Attendance Policy

2019-2020 Family Handbook



Absences may be reported by telephone or written note.   The report must come from a parent or doctor and with the date(s) of the absence(s) and the reason for the absence(s).  Parents MUST report these absences within two (2) days, although school principals MAY make exceptions in cases of need. School staff members have a legal right to ask for a written medical excuse.

Attendance Policy 5.5 1.  All students’ absences must align with the eight (8) reasons allowed for absences, as outlined in the Attendance Policy and in the Code of Student Conduct.

2.  Parents must state reason (from approved list) for absence when they call in or write a note to report a student’s absence.

3.  Absences can only be excused if they correspond with one of the eight (8) allowed reasons.